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Charlotte Eriksson's prepares for second album with Pledge Music

Charlotte Eriksson
Charlotte Eriksson
Charlotte Eriksson

I was given the opportunity recently to do an interview with up and coming singer-songwriter Charlotte Eriksson, perhaps better known as "The Glass Child." About a year and a half ago we had spoke as she was preparing for her first full length album, now we are preparing for her second full length album. Her journey has been exactly that, a journey. She has moved from one country to another, documenting her journey not only through blog posts but also through the songs that she writes. The experience has been huge for her and fans as they have been able to see her grow not only as a singer songwriter but also as a person. She maintains a close connection with fans through social media.

To help with this album Charlotte began a Pledge Music campaign. As an independent artist the entire cost of the process is her own, no label support means that all studio time is paid for by her, all producer fees, mastering fees, absolutely everything is on her. So as so many artists have done recently she turned to crowd sourcing for support, and with an overwhelming response she has had great success in the process. Within the first 4 hours she hit the original goal. Now as she continues through the process she has been adding milestone goals and rewards. The continued support is allowing her to start the early planning stages of a tour and extra content such as music videos. Below you can see our conversation.

You recently moved to Berlin, what was the motivation to picking Berlin?

It’s quite strange and funny when you find yourself realizing that there is a whole world out there and you have absolutely nothing stopping you from going there. The last few years I’ve worked so hard to build this life for myself that is completely dependent on me staying inspired and creative, and I felt drenched and just... tired. I needed a change, new smells and new sounds, and Berlin felt like a first stop on my way there. I happened to stay a bit longer here because every day I discovered more and more new things about this country, the people and mostly myself, and I still feel excited going out on these streets.

Over the last year you've been writing new material, how has Berlin influenced the content and sound?

A lot, definitely, I mean how could it not. I moved to a whole new country by myself without knowing anyone here, and I still don’t even understand their language. But I think mostly what has influenced this album is how I’ve learned to build my home in myself instead of places.

Of the new songs is there 1 specific song that sticks out as the most meaningful or that you are most proud of?

This is always a hard questions, I think for any songwriter, because every single song has a special story, memory or meaning to me. They all symbolize a particular moment in time that I felt the need to capture or deal with for one reason or another, so they all make up this album on their own. If I take away one of them, the whole story falls apart.

With the PledgeMusic campaign can you tell fans how much that helps the process?

Oh wow IT IS the whole process. Without it and without their support and involvement, this album just wouldn’t be possible. Being completely independent like I am means no financial support what so ever and in return 24hour work every single day. I love what I do and wouldn’t want to anything else, ever, but it is expensive to record and release an album. But besides the fact that it’s financially possible for me to record this album now, they also help me with spreading the word, telling the world and reaching new fans. It’s like, instead of having a label paying for a huge marketing campaign, I have my fan-tribe, and if each and everyone can make one single friend a new fan of my music, they have helped me take one step further.

You were able to reach your goal in the first 4 hours of the campaign, what kind of emotions did you have when you saw that?

Haha I thought it was a mistake! I thought someone had hacked my account and something went wrong! Within one hour it reached 30% and I was just shocked, so I went out one hour to buy more coffee and when I came back it was on 98% and I just sat there for a long time starring at the ceiling. I don’t know how it happened. It felt really beautiful though because it didn’t feel like it was about me, it felt like the pledgers wanted to be a part of this movement, this tribe, this family, and that is bigger than me. I’m just the messenger.

Now that you have reached the goal, what does the extra money mean for you? (more tours, extra songs, special content?)

I have introduced ’Milestone Goals’, because as soon as I realised how much more we’re capable of than we’d like to believe ourselves, I sat my eyes on 200%. 200% would enable to get a small tour booked this fall, and that’s been my dream for years. Thanks to going above my goal I’m also considering things like a music video and other visual formats to make this vision in my head come alive. And for the Pledgers, I’m working on several exclusive bonus songs that will be released only to them during the campaign.

The last time we talked you were just finishing up on your first full length, how different is the process the second time?

Very different and I wouldn’t even want to compare it because it’s two completely different experiences. I don’t think making an album should be a habit, or a decided routine of sorts, but something that happens naturally because you have something to say. If that happens once every year, or once ever 10 years, it shouldn’t be forced. I moved to a completely new country where I didn’t know anyone, I met people and lost people and lived my life as well as I could and as a songwriter that means a lot of new songs and stories to tell in the end, so the album just happened very naturally.

What would you like to say to fans about the success of the PledgeMusic campaign?

I just really really want them to know that this new album of mine wouldn’t be possible without them. And like I’ve said in all my album journals; this is not about a finished product, like a record. It’s about the inner, deeper impact it can have on someone in their daily life. I believe that art, writings and music can change a life, because it changed mine, and thanks to all my Pledgers I might be able to keep learning and growing to one day make an impact on someone’s life myself.

What do you wanna tell fans about the album?

I’ve released a lot of songs during these years, but I’ve never been so proud to finally let the world hear those songs as I am this time.

And Finally what would you like to say to fans about their support?

This is all thanks to you. I’m nothing without you.

The Pledge Music campaign continues for almost a month. You can see all of her updates, hear songs, and contribute by visiting her campaign page here.

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