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Charlotte Dawson, 'Australia’s Next Top Model,' passed away

Light a candle
Light a candle
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Fans mourn the passing of TV reality star and model, Charlotte Dawson who was found dead in her two-bedroom waterfront apartment in Sydney, Australia. According to People, police investigators cannot find any suspicious circumstances, so they ruled it as a suicide.

On Feb. 22, 2014, around 11:20 a.m., a real-estate agent came to inspect the Woolloomooloo apartment just before it was to sell on auction. That’s when he discovered Charlotte, 47, had committed suicide by hanging.

Charlotte had struggled with depression for years. She was also targeted by cyber bullies on Twitter where she received hundreds of online death threats. The threats started when she became involved with Community Brave, an anti-cyber bullying organization. It became so bad that she tried to commit suicide in 2012 by mixing pills and alcohol together. That time she gave warning of her intentions when she posted a picture of herself with a handful of pills.

She allegedly tweeted, "Hope this ends the misery. You win." After two days of psychiatric observation, they released her.

Last year, the National Rugby League made her an anti-bullying ambassador. She was a former judge for TV reality series "Australia’s Next Top Model." Currently, she had just set up a homewares range.

No one knows why she chose to end her life; but there had to be something that she couldn’t handle any longer. They discovered her body the day after her former husband, Scott Miller's birthday. Some speculate it had to do with a "60 Minutes" interview with Scott Miller. She had a history of depression and reports say that she never got over her failed marriage to Scott.

Scott was an Australian Olympic silver medal winner in swimming. Unfortunately, he had problems with the drug, ice. He allegedly had many arrests for the possession of illegal drugs, firearms and stolen goods. He was also accused of being a drug dealer and a pimp.

Charlotte had an interview last week with Jo Casamento. She admitted that she didn’t think she could watch when "60 Minutes: aired that particular show, because it would be too painful. She admitted to still loving Scott. She said, ''I continue to fight my depression - it's a bitch of a thing - and I fear watching something like this as it's the most painful time in my life. ''I will be with a friend, but I am not looking forward to it. It was a painful time in my life and it might not be good for me. To me it's well over 10 years ago. This broke me very much. I had to go away for five years and leave this country and rebuild my life ... I've adjusted and moved on but it is still very painful.''

Just as her friend, Russell Crowe, tweeted, "Charley D...just don't understand. There's not enough kind souls as it is. Rest in Peace."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends during this time.

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