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Charlotte Childcare and commuting become easier using the light rail

This picture of the LYNX light rail was taken in Charlotte, NC before the 2012 Democratic Convention.
This picture of the LYNX light rail was taken in Charlotte, NC before the 2012 Democratic Convention.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

For those commuting from areas south of Charlotte, NC to uptown, choosing a child development center along the light rail LYNXCharlotte is a good choice. Some light rail parking areas are located near childcare centers in the south part of Charlotte.

Simply secure your child’s spot in a preschool program near the light rail, park your car, and ride the light rail uptown to your office. Avoid rush hour traffic delays in the morning and in the evening.

For example, if you exit I-77 Northbound traffic at Arrowood Road, you can avoid the bottleneck coming from I-485 and park at the Arrowood Station after kissing your child goodbye at a nearby preschool. From the Arrowood Station, LynxCharlotte will have you at one of the uptown stations in minutes.

See the schedule here.

If you are nervous about using the light rail and you would rather have your car with you at work, the Arrowood Road location is still a good choice for finding childcare, not only because of the quality childcare in the area, but because of avoiding the heavy traffic on I-77 to uptown. Exiting Arrowood Road to South Boulevard does present some stoplights, but taking Old Pineville Road is an alternative with less traffic.

Location is very important when choosing a preschool.
Consider something half-way between home and work if you do not want to be too far from home (long ride for the child) or too far from work (quick pick-up for little accidents or illnesses).

Besides proximity and ease of commute for parent and child, consider the star-rating and sanitation rating of the child development center your child will attend. Look at the whole program. Consider the education and experience of the staff, the menu, and the curriculum.

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