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Charlotte Brown: Blind pole vaulter makes inspiring finish in Texas

Charlotte Brown is showing the sports world that being blind is not the end. This track and field star is legally blind, but she still managed to come in fourth place during a state competition in Texas on Friday. Brown is completely blind. She has a seeing eye dog that helps her maneuver around the track, and she uses sounds to tell her when her turn is up in the competition. She even waited for silence when the announcers were speaking when it was her turn to go.

RYOT News reported on May 10 that Brown was just out of medal contention with her fourth place finish. While disappointed with her performance, she already has her mind set on what she wants to do next year. At 16, she has her whole life ahead of her, but she has already accomplished more than most have in their entire life. She is also showing that a little perseverance can take you a long way. In this case, it can take you very high.

Just a year ago, this Emory Rains High School student came in eighth place in this same competition. This year, she climbed up four spots with an 11-feet pole vault. It was the 11-6 vault that knocked her out of the competition. This was not a win for her, and she knows it. She said the following: "The main goal is to win. Today wasn't my best day jumping. … I moved up four places. Hopefully, I can move up four places next year and win it."

This is just another sign of the determination and perseverance this young woman has. She has figured out that being diabled is not the end. It can still be the beginning of a long and happy life. She lost her sight completely back in 2013, and she intends to keep competiting. Her goal is to find ways to get higher and vault better. She has already improved over a year ago, so it is possible. She even impressed the winner of this year's competition. Kally Long won the competition with a vault of 13-2.

Brown is not only a pole vaulter, but also runs on her high school track team, according to the Houston Chronicle. She runs on the inside of the track because the difference between the track and the grass helps her keep in line. This amazing young woman has the chance to do amazing things in her life. She will allow nothing to stop her it seems. She is only a junior, so she has a state championship on her mind for her senior year.

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