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Charlotte and The 100

Izabela Vidovic
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Charlotte grew up into a huge character for her final two episodes on The 100. Since The 100 first landed on earth, there have been good guys and bad guys. Of course, it’s a bit harder to determine when you remember that all of the children sent to earth were sent because they were prisoners. Every one of them did something to end up that way. Some may have been victimless crimes, but others were probably serious crimes. Murphy is possibly the worst of all the children on earth. It is believed that he killed another human, Wells. His knife was found near the site of the murder. Before that the humans assumed it was the grounders, what the humans are calling the human like creatures on earth.
The humans decide to kill Murphy for killing one of their own for no reason. The group almost kills Murphy. It is only at the last possible second that Charlotte confesses to killing Wells. They cut down Murphy, but that’s not where it all ends. Finally Clarke and Bellamy have a reason to be on the same side. They all want to defend Charlotte. Clarke and Fin take Charlotte with them to their buried car hideaway to keep her safe from the others that want her dead because Murphy doesn’t think it’s fair they were going to kill him but not the girl.
While Clarke and Fin sleep Charlotte runs away toward the regular camp. Clarke, Fin, and Bellamy still try to save to save Charlotte but Charlotte takes matters into her own hands. She says she doesn’t want them to fight, she says that Murphy is right. She takes her own life my stepping off the cliff behind her. Both Clarke and Bellamy are devastated. Bellamy gets angry but Clarke stops him saying, “We don’t decide who lives and dies, not down here.” Clarke and Bellamy stand together to set some rules for now and agree as an entire group to banish Murphy from the human camp for good.
Izabela Vidovic as Charlotte was a great role. She is an amazing little actress. She will go far in this business. She hasn't had any crazy memorable roles yet but her resume is growing fast. If her acting in The 100 shows anything about her future, she has a great one ahead of her.

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