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Charlotte, 100 New Year's day celebrations ago

New Pharmacists 5 of 15 are Black
New Pharmacists 5 of 15 are Black
The Dispatch

As Charlotte prepares for the New Year, it may be interesting to look at where the city was 100 years ago. Here are a few news clips from 1911 made possible by Google's search timeline. It is amazing how much things have not changed at all.

A century ago in Charlotte

Feb 15, 1911 - Henry Parminteer North Carolina's oldest citizen died in Charlotte 15 days before his 108th birth day. He served in Mexican and Civil wars. His wife Died in 1909 at the age of 101.

Mar 7, 1911 - Trollingwood Manufacturing Co a major cotton mill in Alamance County, declares bankrupcy in a Charlotte court before Judge Boyd.

May 1911

Charlotteans seek healthy entertainment outdoors at Air Dome at Lakewood Park. The new park offered vaudeville, one-act farce comedies, and moving pictures.

Charlotte and the Carolinas wait in fear and apprehension for appearance of the dreaded 17- year locust

July 4, 1911 -Some yarn mills in Charlotte join other North Carolina spinners in declaring work curtailment. Mmore than thirty cotton mills of Gaston county closed down for two weeks. This move was done in response to a depressed market for yarn.

Aug 5, 1911 Wall Street Journal reports that “Charlotte, N.C. After suffering for several days from lack of water this city has had a rainfall of 1.84 inches in the last twenty-four hours ended Friday, and conditions were favorable for more rain. It was general throughout the state. The city water has been turned on and it is believed that the crisis is passed.”

The News And Courier - Oct 4, 1911 reports big changes at the Charlotte Observer. Major reorganization at the Charlotte Observer. The former Charles News and Courier chief, Maj. James. C Hemphill, becomes Editor. AE Gonzales is Publisher and managing director formerly guided the Columbia State

In the same edition, The News and Courier reports: "Passenger Train #35 of the Souther railway crashed into a double wagon loaded with negroes at the intersection of South Tryon street and Park Avenue, at Charlotte, Thursday morning, injuring six negroes and mangling the horse and mule so severely that the former had to be shot. Willis Reid, the driver, a negro youth, received injuries, which it is feared my result fatally. All of the injured were placed in the Good Samaritan Hospital."

CHARLOTTE, N C, Oct 19--The Glidden tourists made it to Charlotte, completing 1/2 their tour. The Glidden Tours were promotional events sponsored by the American Automobile Association (AAA). AAA used this tour to promote the company and to advocate for safe roads.. The original Glidden Tours were held from 1902 through 1913.

Novenber 16, 1911 Dr EV. H. L. McCrorey, D. D. layed the corner-stone of Biddle College’s new Carnegie Library which cost $15,000.00.

Nov 22, 1911 Charles Noell was sentence to 15 years of hard labor following his Aug 14, 1911 convition for abducting 2 small girls and carrying them to Charlotte. His wife was sentenced to 5 years.

Nov 24, 1911 The Carolina Professional Baseball Association held a meeting in Charlotte to discuss expansion, schedules, salaries, and a forfeit fund.

Dec 13, 1911 The Dispatch 5 Negroes passed the Pharmacy board exam and attained their license to practice pharmacy. One new pharmacist was a woman, Maleria E. Dye of Charlotte. 59 people took the exam. Only 15 passed. Of those that passed 1/3rd were black. Think about it. How many years out of slavery? How many years under Jim Crow? Astonishing!

Dec 20, 1911 The Charlotte Observer is reporting that "next to Charlotte, of course, it is in favor of Baltimore for the next democratic Convention"

And we are still waiting!


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