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Charlize Theron dating Sean Penn: Piers Morgan confirms relationship

Charlize Theron is dating Sean Penn, and Piers Morgan has confirmed their relationship is real. UPI reports on Jan. 22 that Morgan is no longer keeping their status a secret and credits Penn with revealing the information to him. The couple has been seen together on vacation and at a charity gala.

Charlize Theron
Photo by Joe Scarnici

Morgan is spilling the secrets of the Theron and Penn relationship after the couple attempted to keep it a secret for weeks. Morgan shares that Penn confirmed he was dating Theron at the Help Haiti Home charity event, and it was obvious to other guests that they were a couple. Penn called the 38-year-old actress a keeper at the gala and credited her with changing his mind about guns.

The 53-year-old actor has attempted to keep the relationship from the public’s view, but paparazzi still managed to photograph the couple in Hawaii and other places. The most recent images of Theron and Penn reveal the couple took Jackson, who is the actress’ adopted son, with them to go grocery shopping in Los Angeles. The actor is allegedly getting along well with Jackson and could be seen making funny faces to amuse the 2-year-old while shopping.

Friends describe the relationship as serious and think the couple may be planning to live together. Although they appear to have separate residences for now, Theron and Penn are allegedly thinking of moving in together soon. They will not have to worry about Penn’s gun collection during the move since he has already gotten rid of it to please Theron.

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