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Charlize Theron - A South African Jewel

Charlize Theron - A South African Jewel
Charlize Theron - A South African Jewel, Vogue Magazine, Fast the Latest News

When it comes to Charlize Theron, when you least expect it … Expect it.

She’s a bad-a**, classy kinda woman with a certainty about life though never taking it too seriously.

“We’re here for the early-bird special,” Theron says to a waiter, while interviewing with Vogue Magazine in the Florida Keys. “We’re coming for our vodka and orange juice and our steaks.”

Yep. Expect the unexpected – Always.

“I love the mysteries of the world and of life and I don’t necessarily want to figure them out,” she says.

Growing up in South Africa on the family farm influenced her appreciation toward nature and it’s flawed perfection.

It’s where her approval and confidence met in a high-speed chase. Suddenly she was unconfined and ready to take off.

“The greatest thing that I’ve learned in my journey of doing this is that if you come with your own agenda and ego, and you try to force and control something you can’t make a good movie,” she shared during her interview with Fast the latest News.”

It’s a mantra that Theron seems to live by.

“I don’t define myself as a victim,” she says about her past. “And maybe that’s what I love about my characters. They aren’t victims.”

Theron’s resilience has defined her outlook on life, while smoothing her edges.
Hell, she’s still a little rough around an edge or two -

“There has always been a part of me that wants to climb trees and ride motorcycles, she told Fast the Latest News.

“But I was always a kid who loved putting on my Mom’s heels.”

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