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CHARLIEFOXTROTNY: A new YouTube reality channel starring New York City.

Here is their story- We are asking for $6000 to buy equipment that will allow us to continually release premium quality videos and produce premium quality web series, specifically a reality game show!

Breakdown of $6000 request:

3 - GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition: $1200 Total
4 - GoPro Batteries/Chargers: $50 Total 4 - External Microphones: $1000 Total
4 - External Lighting: $1000 Total
Mounting Equipment: $1000 Total
GoPro Accessories: $500 Total
Marketing: $250 Total
Kickstarter Fees: $600 Total
Unforseen expenses: $400 Total

Once the equipment is acquired we can continue production for little to no cost at all and quickly grow viewership. We hope you guys believe in this project and want to see it grow as much as we do.

Perks include T shirts and thank you's

You can support the project here:

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