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Charlie White’s dating Tanith Belbin? Romance with Meryl Davis is on ice

Charlie White and Meryl Davis expected to hit the ice on DWTS
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF

Dancing With the Stars fans are going to be a big brush or reality when it comes to the romance between Meryl Davis and Charlie White. The two Olympic gold medal winners looked to be in love on the ice in Sochi, but it was all a show. According to Detroit Free Press on Monday, the two stars aren't dating each other, but Charlie White has a girlfriend.

So are Meryl Davis and Charlie White dating off the ice? Nope and they won’t be staring in to each other’s eyes with passion on Dancing With the Stars either. It’s a burning question that everyone in America is asking after seeing their Sochi performance. They look so in love as they move across the ice flawlessly. In fact they seem inseparable on every level. Disappointingly, the couple are only performing.

In real life the two athletes aren't dating and off the ice they lead different lives. On the ice they had to act like they are a couple in love so to translate that emotion helps their program, but it also confuses the fans as they have different private lives.

On Dancing With the Stars, questioning if the two are in love might be a hindrance as fans will have to choose between the two athletes and will it tough. The couple spent long hours together performing on the ice. They know every habit and weakness about each other and deciding to compete on the show obviously was a decision done for cash (as the stars are paid well) but everyone is wondering how this will ruin their friendship in the future.

Hopefully Charlie White will save a seat in the ballroom for Tanith Belbin too. It would be lovely to see the couple together, especially since Meryl Davis and Charlie White aren't currently dancing together.

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