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2014 Winter Olympics

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Charlie White plays violin? Olympic ice dancer debuts secret talent on 'Today'

Charlie White plays violin on the Today show
Charlie White plays violin on the Today show
Today show/screenshot

Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the gold medal in Olympic ice dancing and the pair couldn't be happier. While they are expected to get their medals on Tuesday morning in the official ceremony, the couple were making the media rounds at the Winter Games so people around the world could see the winning pair. On Tuesday morning it was Charlie White who offered a surprise to the Today show viewers.

Keeping a promise to Savannah Guthrie that if he won the gold he would play the violin if he won the gold, the ice dancer performed. It was pretty obvious that Charlie White was focused on ice dance far more than playing the violin as it didn’t sound the greatest. According to Charlie White, he said it was the first time he had played the violin in three years.

It doesn’t matter if Charlie White hasn’t played the violin for a while as the star of the ice now will have plenty of time to enjoy whatever hobbies he would like to do. The talented athlete has won one of the biggest honors in the world so he might want to take a few weeks off to enjoy and maybe even brush up on his violin playing. Then again, maybe time on the beach might be a better choice to relax