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Charlie White is now engaged to Tanith Belbin

Charlie White and Meryl Davis
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Charlie White of "Dancing With the Stars"is now engaged to be married. A lot of people have assumed that he was dating Meryl Davis because she is his partner on the ice, but they are just friends. On Monday, US Magazine shared the news that Charlie is now getting married to Tanith Belbin. Everyone found out when he shared the news on Instagram.

He shared a picture of her with her engagement ring on and he has now has a shorter hair cut. If you don't know who Tanith is she is an Olympic figure skater as well. The two were in Hawaii when he popped the big question but no news is out yet of when they will actually get married. The engagement news just came out.

Charlie and Tanith already live together. They recently moved into a home right by the river and he only has great things to say about it. Fans assumed that a proposal would be coming next for this couple.

ABC News also shared a bit more about Tanith Belbin for fans that want to know about Charlie White's new fiance. She was on the show "Skating With the Stars" and loves ice skating as well. She has been to the Olympics twice. This girl was born in Canada but is also a US citizen now.

White and Belbin have been together since 2009. Before that she dated Evan Lysacek. He is also an ice skater and was on "Dancing With the Stars" as well. It is very obvious she has a type but it looks like Charlie White and Tanith Belbin have found love together and a wedding will be coming soon.

Fans will have to wait for news about the wedding of Charlie White and Tanith Belbin. Hopefully they don't wait to long too tie the knot. They share a dog, a house and now just need the paper to become husband and wife.

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