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Charlie Vox Finds Her Voice on New Single, Album

Charlie Vox
Charlie Vox

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Jersey City, the exuberant Charlie Vox is another talent who is starting to find her voice in the R&B world. Starting her career opening for Destiny’s Child and writing for superstars Rihanna and Melanie Fiona, Vox is starting to pave the way for her own super stardom. had the chance to sit down with Ms. Charlie Vox and ask her a few questions.

You had the opportunity to write for Rihanna and Melanie Fiona---two of R&B’s finest. Who did you enjoy writing for the most and did you have the chance to meet both of them?

Yes, I did have the opportunity to meet with both of them, but just writing makes me happy. Of course, I love writing for my own upcoming album as well since I hold those experiences closer to me.

Is your album near completion? Your first single is called “Lie Instead”—where did you get the inspiration for this particular single?

Yes, the album is near completion. Lie Instead was very organic. I wanted to write about a relationship, but with a twist. You wanted to be in this relationship, but others don’t see it as a good idea.

Does singing come naturally to you?

Singing comes first and the writing comes second actually. I couldn’t afford much at first—the fancy studios, producers, and writers. So the singing and writing came totally natural to me.

You opened for Destiny’s Child back in the day. Does this now come full circle for you?
Yes, absolutely. They helped influence my career! The way things just happened for me was amazing.

Do you think you’ll tour behind this record?

Yes, absolutely. I love the stage and definitely will.

What will you bring to the table that is new to the pop or urban music scene?

I think that my music is progressive. I think it’s been a long time coming. Things That I Never Said is the name of my new album and fits appropriately because there are things that I never said! I’m excited for the world to hear it. I think it will be exciting for others to hear music that I have written and have sung for them.

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