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Charlie Sheen takes aim at Barack Obama over armed protection in schools

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Charlie Sheen is best known for this work as an actor, but he is also known for his outlandish antics. What he isn't known for is holding his tongue when he feels passionate about something, and that holds true with a tweet he addressed to “Mr. President” on Jan. 22.

In response to media reports of shots fired at the University of Oklahoma, Sheen posted a tweet on Twitter demanding that President Barack Obama “stop wining and dining Hollywood” long enough to “stop the random thrill kill SCHOOL SHOOTINGS!!”

Sheen, 48, who is the father of five and a grandfather says he is “laughing” at the “emergency campaign for a Fed funded mandate to place 'armed protection'” at schools everywhere, and added that “our children are seeking an education yet sadly remain unprotected from this unconscionable and devastating insanity!”

Of course Sheen wasn't just venting about the lack of protection for the country's youth, he also offered a solution. Sheen suggested that Obama place soldiers who are returning home from war torn areas of the world at schools, and added “they ALREADY have a skill set in place that this job requires!”

Sheen wrapped up his tweet by promising to see President Obama on Capital Hill, and signed his post with the hashtag “#BloodOnYourHands.”

Luckily, ABC News reports that the reports of shots fired at the University of Oklahoma were false.

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