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Charlie Sheen forced to wear engagement ring

Charlie Sheen posing with fiancee Brett Rossi
Charlie Sheen posing with fiancee Brett Rossi
Video Screenshot by YouTube user Splash News

Charlie Sheen's former porn star fiancee is reportedly forcing the "Anger Management" star to wear a men's engagement ring. Radar Online reported on Wednesday that Sheen's fiancee, Brett Rossi, is demanding that Sheen wear his wedding band day and night. Rossi intends to send other women the clear message that Sheen is off the market, even though the couple's wedding date isn't scheduled until late this year.

Sheen has been wearing the "men's engagement ring" since asking 25-year-old Rossi to marry him earlier this year in February. According to, Rossi is furious that Sheen hangs around with other women. Rossi says it's disrespectful to their relationship. Sheen's friends, on the other hand, have another take on the situation. They believe Rossi has taken over his life, and Sheen has "lost his b*lls."

Sheen's friends also think it's weird and creepy that Rossi is already calling 48-year-old Sheen her husband. Reportedly, when they warn Sheen about Rossi's strange and controlling behavior, he completely shuts them down. Sheen will apparently do anything Rossi demands. He even fired a good friend who Rossi hired to plan their wedding, because he couldn't deliver on Rossi's over-the-top celebrity dream wedding.

Rossi was also responsible for successfully persuading Sheen to discontinue ex-wife Denise Richards' child support payments. An insider said that Rossi is obsessed with money and has taken over Sheen's finances. Sheen's soon-to-be marriage to Rossi on November 22 will be his fourth walk down the aisle while Rossi just recently finalized a divorce from her first husband Jonathan Ross. Sheen has also stated that he will not be signing a prenup with Rossi, unless she can persuade him otherwise.