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Charlie Sheen engaged: Brett Rossi half his age, prenup bigger for 4th wife

Charlie Sheen is engaged and will walk down the aisle for the fourth time with adult film star Brett Rossi sometime in the future. While Sheen feels that Rossi is his soul-mate and no way after his money, he still will require a prenup from the 24-year-old Rossi, according to reports from Softpedia on Feb. 17.

Charlie Sheen engaged to Brett Rossi, adult film star half his age!

Sheen flew Rossi in a private jet to Hawaii over the Valentine’s Day weekend and popped the question. With a “yes” to that question, Sheen placed a huge rock upon the hand of the woman he will soon call wife number four.

The prenup is said to be “very generous” for Rossi, much more so than his previous wives were given by Sheen. It sounds as if he is very smitten by his new lady-love as rumor has it, Rossi had Sheen boot Denise Richards out of one of the houses he owns.

Apparently this house was in the neighborhood of Sheen’s mansion and Rossi couldn’t bear to drive by her car every day? While this is the stuff headlines are made of, it doesn’t sound like something Sheen would do. He’s known to be pretty fair with all his ex-wives.

After moving Rossi into his mansion he gave her a gift of an expensive Mercedes. It sounds like a love story made in heaven, but the women who have previously been Sheen’s other half might not describe their time together resembling anything heaven has to offer.

You just never know, this could be Sheen’s soul-mate and this could be the woman he stays with for the rest of his life. The 24-year-old adult film star is young enough to be the 48-year-old “Anger Management” star’s daughter. Age doesn’t mean a thing, especially in Hollywood, and that’s a good thing since Charlie is marrying someone exactly half his age!

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