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Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards battling it out

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards in happier times
US Magazine

Charlie Sheen is in the news again. Charlie Sheen, the former “Two and a Half Men” star, and his ex-wife Denise Richards are in a battle over where Sheen’s ex, their two children, and Richards’ two-year-old daughter should live. According to a WebProNews report on Sunday, Sheen wants them to find somewhere else to live. The problem is that Richards, the “Twisted” actress, and the children live in a home owned by Sheen.

Reportedly, Sheen has a buyer for the house and he wants his ex and the children out immediately. Furthermore, he doesn’t care where they go just so they get out now.

Apparently, Brett Rossi, Sheen’s fiancé porn actress, is playing into the battle by trying to convince Sheen to get them out of the house. Rossi allegedly is telling Sheen that Richards doesn’t deserve to reside there with the girls since she reportedly hasn’t been letting Sheen see the kids for several months.

It sounds as though Richards has a great deal going. As things are now, she is allegedly getting $55,000 a month and the house to live in for free. Sheen is also trying to get that high-priced child support reduced. Private mediation is to take place this coming week.

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