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Charlie Hunnam rumored for 'Escape from New York' reboot and 'King Arthur'

Charlie Hunnam is about to take his last ride in "Sons of Anarchy," but Hollywood has several projects that want him.
Charlie Hunnam is about to take his last ride in "Sons of Anarchy," but Hollywood has several projects that want him.
Photo courtesy of FX, James Minchin/FX

It seems everywhere you look these days, "Sons of Anarchy's" Charlie Hunnam is being wooed for major roles on the big screen. First, he was set to play the leading man in "50 Shades of Grey," which he bowed out of at the last minute. Most recently, he's been rumored to be director Guy Richie's first choice for his six-picture epic, "King Arthur." And now rumors are flying that Hunnam has been shortlisted for yet another project, a three movie reboot of the Kurt Russell classic "Escape from New York," according to Screen Rant Sunday.

Unless Hunnam has a twin or can be cloned, there's no way this man can keep up with all the work being thrown at him. Let's not forget that he already has "Pacific Rim," to his credit, which promises to yield at least one or more sequels. With "Sons of Anarchy" ending after this season, Hunnam is certainly on his way to a successful post motorcycle club career.

The "Escape from New York" project has been in various stages of development for several years, with many other possible leading men rumored to be up for the role. Starlog cited the other two current shortlisted contenders as Jon Bernthal ("The Walking Dead") and Dan Stevens ("The Guest"), but if you dig back a little farther, there's some other viable candidates rumored to be considered for this role, including Jeremy Renner, Jason Statham, Tom Hardy and "Justified" star Timothy Olyphant, whose series is also about to have its last run on FX.

With Hunnam in such great demand, they'll likely either have to put off the project even longer, or go with an alternative leading man. There's probably not a bad choice in the lot, but seeing Olyphant translate the badass action of "Hitman" and the cool swagger and subtle humor of Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens to the role of Snake Plissken would definitely be a treat for fans.

And you know he'd rock that eyepatch, as the only one out of the bunch that ranks up there with Hunnam in the hotness factor. Remember studio executives, that whole "sex sells" theory applies to female fans as well as male. Give them what they want.