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Charlie Hunnam of 'SOA' finally talks about not playing Christian Grey

Charlie Hunnam
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Charlie Hunnam is best known as Jax Teller on "Sons of Anarchy." He was the first pick as the man to play Christian Grey on "Fifty Shades of Grey" until he decided not to take the role. He hasn't really said much about it until now. On Monday, CBS News shared what he had to say about it all.

The first trailer for this movie will be out on Thursday. Fans can't wait to see it but won't have Charlie in it. He still wants to watch the movie though. He said, "I'm just really excited to see it. I was just really, really invested and wanted to work with [director] Sam [Taylor-Johnson] and play that character. I'm really, really curious." It sounds like he was ready for the role but it didn't work out.

He loves the book too. Charlie knows that some people talk about it like it is just a sexual movie for moms but he doesn't feel that way. He said, "I think people really do that book a disservice when they reduce it to that type of talk. What (E.L. James) actually created is a really sophisticated dynamic and presented it in a package which was accessible to people who normally would be terrified of that subject ... Actually what she did was pretty brilliant."

So do you want to know the real reason why Charlie didn't do the movie? It isn't a big deal really. He said, "I don't think people have had unchaperoned access to me since all of this went on... he CliffsNotes were exactly what we said. I couldn't do it because of (the) schedule. It was as simple as that." It is really that simple.

Charlie Hunnam is now working on the final season of "Sons of Anarchy." That is his biggest priority. Hopefully once this show is over viewers will see him taking on some movie roles.

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