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Charlie Daniels: Interview with Jenn Findley on the meaning of his new cd

Charlie Daniels: Interviews with Jenn Findley on Doin’ it Dylan CD

Charlie Daniels
Charlie DanielsPhotographer Unknown

Jenn: I was sent the CD “Doin’ it Dylan” and I thought, well, if someone is going to do it Dylan style, well, Charlie Daniels can.”

Charlie: “Well, thank you.”

Jenn: “Tell me more about ‘Doin’ it Dylan’ and your experience with the acoustic sets along with honoring Bob Dylan.”

Charlie: “Well, let’s say it like this. The Dylan thing came about like this, we were asked to do some music for a TV show called ‘Hell on Wheels’ it’s on one of the cable channels must have been on New Years Day. It takes place back in the 1800’s so we had to stick with instruments from then.

And we hadn’t done an all acoustic with the whole thing, and when we got together for this piece, the way the band sounded so differently and everything, we said, ‘Well, let’s do an album like this’.

I thought I’d love to play tribute to Bob Dylan, I’m a huge Bob Dylan fan, and worked with him in the past, and have great admiration for him and what he’s done and what he’s accomplished. So, a ‘Let’s do it Dylan’ album, but a ‘Charlie Daniels Band’ album of Bob Dylan songs. We approached it from the foreign concept of let’s choose songs that we could put a mark on. Let’s not do Dylan’s version of it, let’s not do anyone else’s version of it, and let’s do it the ‘Charlie Daniels Band’ way. So we did and there were certain songs we couldn’t do. I couldn’t do ‘Lay Lady Lay’ I wanted to really bad. I played the original version. I could not find a way to do it without falling back into the way it was done before. It’s always been one of my favorites Bob Dylan tunes and I couldn’t find a way to make it work in a new way. So we just moved on. We tried to keep it songs we could adapt; songs we could put our mark on.”

Jenn: “I was thinking that because of the nature of the songs that you chose, it would be appropriate for this discussion. I think it’s fabulous that you played music with instruments from the 1800’s by the way.”

Charlie: “It’s just acoustic. When it’s everything you’re around…we just never had done an album where everybody but the whole van kept going on tour with one instrument or whatever. It was a different sort of sound for us. That’s why we ended up doing this album which was a new thing [for us].”

Jenn: “How do you feel stepping outside of the box? You have so much music out there that is so recognized you stepped into new territory and I like it.”

Charlie: “I don’t really have a comfort zone. I don’t really have any parameters. I just do whatever. There’s no telling what we may do. The music end that you’ve heard on the radio and that most people are familiar with has kind of a style to it and stuff, but if you came to hear us in person, you’d hear Country, Bluegrass, Gospel, we play some of every sound.

I don’t put limits on what we do. It was nothing new to us to do something new. We differ somewhat.

Actually there is nothing we won’t try.”

Jenn: “I hear the bluegrass, I hear the gospel, I hear the southern style, I hear different things in your music, and I commend your adaptability. When I put in a 'Charlie Daniels Band' CD, I don’t feel like it’s a song I’ll hear 20 times over and over again. The songs aren’t repetitious.”

Charlie: “You understand exactly what I was saying. What I was saying I just don’t put any parameters on. I think, Jenn, I’ve never said that we’re a country band. I never said we weren’t but I never said we were.

When you start putting labels on yourself, you start ending up trying to feel like you fall into a genre, that particular sound, and ‘Charlie Daniels Band’ is not about that. It’s about music, and I don’t feel I shouldn’t play anything when it comes down to it, that I feel good about.”

Charlie Daniels is about as forthcoming an artist as there is. He plays what he feels good about, he doesn’t set boundaries on his music, and don’t’ dare to pigeonhole him into one category, because he’ll just break loose to prove he’s more capable than that.

I had a great time speaking with him, and look forward to our in-depth interview in a couple weeks talking more about his genuine belief system, political, and true to the heart.

Charlie Daniels does things to serve the above, as he says that Bob Dylan’s song, “Serve Somebody” means that you either serve the devil or you serve God. I look forward to this interview coming up with Charlie.

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