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Charlie Dane Review- This One

Charlie Dane
Charlie Dane

Charlie Dane is a fantastic young artist who I had the privilege of interviewing two years ago for this very site. I could tell that even then she was bright, a fantastic song writer and above all something that fits the mold for what is going on in the industry now. Taking cues from Sara Bareilles and Taylor Swift to name a few, she has come out with a bunch of new songs that have a similar feel to her peers that are already big on the scene. Notably is her song that is creating buzz for the singer herself called "The One".

“This One” has elements of it that could make it into a really big hit for Charlie herself. The start stop beat in it is quite catchy, as well as the overall sound itself. The guitar really shines as well, which is a great addition to what Charlie does so well on top of singing and songwriting. The great thing about this song too is that it blends so many different genres that it can translate to different music communities. It has a little bit of pop, country and rock and roll that has worked in the past with acts like Lady Antebellum, Kelly Clarkson and The Band Perry to name a few. Definitely a song to kick it to when you are cruising with your friends.

Want to know more about Charlie? Check out her official website for more.