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Charlie Chaplin on attitude within a corporate culture

Charlie Chaplin was one of the original stars in Hollywood. His penguin style of walk delighted silent moviegoers for years as he brought laughter and enjoyment into a world rebounding from the first World War.

The attitude of individual team members this critical of the culture with any workplace environment.
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Despite being a huge comedic star Chaplin’s career was short-lived. During a time of widespread speculation Chaplin was accused of being a communism. Falling so rapidly stardom to being unemployable Chaplin was always able to keep his sense of humor.

“A day without laughter,” said Chaplin, “is a day wasted.”

To be positive asset to your workplace culture focus on motivational stories like this to get you through those days when coworkers are making false accusations, projects are hitting unexpected snags or things just are not going well. Think about the antics of Charlie Chaplin and perhaps it will put a smile on your face to get you through your day.

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