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Charlie Bothuell V, missing Detroit boy, found in dad's basement

While one mystery was solved, another began as Charlie Bothuell – who has been missing for 11 days – was found alive in his father’s basement in Detroit, Michigan, according to an WDIV-TV in Detroit report on Thursday. The Detroit Police Department says that the incident in which the boy went missing nearly two weeks ago is a total mystery. Charles Bothuell IV, the father of the boy who went missing on June 14, was on television – appearing on Nancy Grace’s show – appealing for assistance in finding his son when the news broke that his son had been found right in the man’s house.

Nancy Grace tells Charlie Bothuell IV on live television that his son, who was missing for 11 days, was found in his basement on June 26, 2014
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The father appeared stunned to find out that his boy had been found in his house as he was speaking with Nancy Grace on live television. He fell to silence when the information was revealed. The young boy, according to the Detroit Police Department, was found Wednesday night in a blocked-off area in his dad’s basement. He was found with a supply of food nearby him.

Visibly shaken, the father began breathing heavily, puffing his cheeks out and grabbing his chest. All he could manage to say when he heard his son was found alive was to say, “What?” Bothuell claimed that his cell phone had run out of power and he had not heard anything about his son having been found from investigators until he was told during the television interview with Grace.

James Craig, the Detroit Police chief, said that the 12-year-old boy was found crouched behind a makeshift barricade of boxes in the basement. At the boy’s side, there was cereal and soda. After being found, the boy was removed from the basement and taken away. He will be given medical treatment and food. It is believed that the boy built the barricade himself. The police chief said that though the boy was nervous, he was excited and glad to see the police.

At this point, no charges are being considered in the case, according to NBC News. The father insists that he searched the basement as well as the FBI. The father has been given a lie-detector test by the FBI, but the results are reportedly inconclusive. According to the Huffington Post, the boy’s step-mother refused to take a lie-detector test. Investigators say that they found traces of blood in the home in the early stages of their investigation. The investigation into the mystery is being realigned now that the boy has been found alive and well. It is not clear whether or not the boy was in the basement the entire 11 days in which he was declared missing.

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