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Charlie Bothuell update: Step-mom arrested, Charlie back with biological mom

Charlie Bothuell V, the 12-year-old boy who was found alive and well and living in his father’s Detroit basement after local police and the FBI had been searching for the missing child for 11 days from June 14 through June 25, has been speaking with the Detroit police about his bizarre disappearance and is now living with his biological mother. The step-mom who lived with Charlie and his dad, Monique Dillard-Bothuell, was arrested on June 26 on an unrelated charge, according to Aol.

Dillard-Bothuell was taken into custody on a probation violation related to a misdemeanor gun charge after Charlie was discovered hiding behind his father’s basement furnace surrounded by a stack of boxes and a large five gallon drum that police say he couldn’t haven’t erected by himself. Dillard-Bothuell and Charlie’s father, Charlie Bothuell IV, aren’t allowed to have any contact with the once missing boy while police continue their investigations into the specifics of young Charlie’s disappearance and ultimate recovery.

Dillard-Bothuell and the elder Bothuell had two other children living in their Detroit home who are now in the custody of Children's Protective Services. Yesterday, following her arrest, Dillard-Bothuell was ordered to wear an electronic GPS tracking tether and had her bond set at $5,000, according to The Huffington Post. The step-mom will be back in court on July 11.

Young Charlie spent some time in the hospital Wednesday evening for a medical evaluation after he was found by the Detroit cops in his dad and step-mom’s basement. Charlie also met with a child psychologist before being turned over to the custody of his biological mother. By Thursday, he was talking to police. Investigators are not yet sharing what Charlie had to say, according to CNN.

"We are getting some good information from Charlie," said Detroit Police spokesman Sgt Michael Woody, but he wouldn't reveal what the boy said.

Police aren’t ruling out the possibility of abuse in young Charlie’s case. If they have found any evidence of abuse though, police haven’t yet released any specific details.

Making for a dramatic TV moment, Charlie’s father was in the middle of an HLN TV interview with Nancy Grace when he learned that his son had been found alive and well, and in his house. The Christian Science Monitor quoted the dad as saying "I thought my son was dead," as he later broke down in tears and hugged a reporter outside of his Detroit home.

When Grace told him the news, Bothuell became visibly upset, looking dazed and bewildered.

A more composed elder Bothuell was interviewed once again by Grace on Thursday following the mysterious recovery of his son. The dad continued to deny any knowledge of his son’s disappearance or how he came to be found in a basement that had several times prior been searched by family members, the FBI, and the local police.

"I have no idea how that happened," he told Grace on Thursday night.

For more on the story, see the video accompanying this article.

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