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Charlie Bothuell update: Missing boy kept quiet while police searched basement

12-year-old Charlie Bothuell went missing 12 days ago and police had told the father of this child to prepare for the worst after the boy had been missing almost two weeks. Charles Bothuell went on the Nancy Grace TV show Wednesday night and pleaded for help in finding his missing son. While on live TV, Nancy Grace received word that the boy had been found alive in the father's basement and she told Bothuell while he was still on the air, as Click on Detroit reports today.

Missing boy found crouched in father's basement: Father learns son is found on live TV with Nancy Grace
YouTube screen shot

Charlie was found barricaded in the father’s basement, which was shocking for the father to hear after the police had searched the Bothuell home a number of times, even bringing in dogs, and they found no trace of his son. If his father had known his son was in the basement, he is an excellent actor because this man appeared genuinely shocked. Nancy Grace said that she believed the father was telling the truth and that he had no idea where his son was, according to “Fox and Friends” on Thursday morning.

CBS News reports today that a PVC pipe with blood was discovered in the house and the police are running tests to see who the blood belongs to. This case is bizarre and it is baffling the police. They are trying to piece together why Charlie was hiding or being contained in the basement and who was helping him. They also want to know how long he was actually in the basement because he wasn't seen there during the previous numerous searches of the house.

After comparing what they have so far, the police believe that it is possible that the father or the step-mother could have hid Charlie in the basement, but the father seems very sincere when it comes to his son's disappearance. While Charlie did not cry out for help when police came down into the basement, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that Charlie was happy to see them. He said he seemed a bit nervous and hungry, although there was evidence that he had food in his hiding place. There was also bedding found with the boy, which seems to indicate he was sleeping in that small barricaded area.

The child’s father, step-mother and mother are under investigation in this bizarre incident. The boy's biological mother is said to now be with her son at the hospital with the father and step-mother still being kept separated from Charlie today. I

Overjoyed that his son is alive the father is now faced with a barrage of questions and accusations about his missing son in the basement. The bizarre mystery of how this happened is unfolding. The father took a lie detector test a few days after Charlie was reported missing and the results were “inconclusive.” Charlie’s step-mother refused to take the test. Police decided to get one more warrant and they returned to the Bothuell house on Wednesday to look for any clues they may have missed and that is when they found Charlie.

When they found Charlie he was barricaded behind boxes in the basement and the police say that they don't believe he could have done this without help. There was a 5-gallon drum among the boxes in this make-shift barricade. Since police had been through that area of the basement a number of times, they don’t think that Charlie was down in that basement the entire time he went missing.

Bothuell snapped at the media today when they asked if his wife, Charlie’s step-mother, could have hidden the boy in the basement. “My wife wouldn’t do that” said the father. He called those accusations “absurd.” He started to cry during a impromptu interview with the media saying “I thought my boy was dead, I had no idea where he was.” Police are not letting Charlie have contact with his Bothuell or his wife as of yet. They removed the boy from the house.

According to Click on Detroit, Bothuell “told a different story about the last day he saw Charlie. He also said that Charlie ran away from home a few year ago, but he was back home in a couple of hours after police found him. Bothuell told police originally that he was "working out" with his 12-year-old son at home when he left the room to go use the bathroom. Charlie never returned and that is the last time Charlie was seen. The investigation is on-going today.

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