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Charlie Bothuell: Father shocked to find missing boy in own basement, hit video

Charlie Bothuell is the name of a 12-year-old male who has caused an internet stir after his father was shocked to find that his missing boy had been found in his very own basement. Bothuell was found alive, but in the hit video that has become viral in less than a week, the disbelieving dad can be found stunned and spluttering on live television to hear that his son was right under his nose the whole time. NBC News reports how this incredible family story became something of a pop culture sensation across the nation this Thursday, June 26.

Charlie Bothuell is found in his own basement, father shocked
Wikimedia Commons

His son having been gone for almost a week, the father of Charlie Bothuell was determined to find his loved one, and had appealed to a national news station in the hopes of locating his missing boy. So it was with utter shock that the father was told live on the air that Charlie had been found relatively safe and sound right in the family basement. The hit video occurred while the boy’s father was speaking with Nancy Grace this Wednesday night; he can be seen holding his chest and unable to catch his breath at the discovery.

"I checked my basement," he exclaims at last in the live clip. "The FBI checked my basement. The police checked my basement. My wife checked my basement. I've been down there several times. We've all been checking. I want to see my son. I want to talk to my son."

Nancy Grace and other news officials apparently learned that the boy had been found in the basement only minutes before telling Charlie’s father. After a brief moment of consideration to convey a message on the air, they decided to tell the anxious Bothuell that his missing child had just been discovered right then and there. Apparently, shares the report, the 12-year-old teen was discovered hiding (or hidden) behind a wall of boxes and impossible to see without an in-depth search.

According to News Max this afternoon, Charlie Bothuell seemed to be ready to stay in the makeshift hideaway in the basement for the long haul. As revealed after the viral video made it to the online Web, the missing boy had with him a number of cereal boxes, several cans of soda, and some sheets to make a crude form of bedding. Apparently, the search team found him just in time, as they were beginning to think murder might be involved in the sudden disappearance.

"He was nervous but excited, and glad to see the police," a police official said to local reporters. "I've never seen anything quite like this," Craig explained, saying his team had suspected homicide just hours before finding the boy. "But the outcome — I couldn't be happier."

An investigation into why the boy was in the barricade in the first place has been launched, but few answers have been made public yet. Police officials said that they had thoroughly examined the house just a couple days before he was found using specially trained tracking dogs, but to no avail. However, authorities do not believe that Charlie would have been able to make the barricade of boxes by himself, so they are still trying to determine how long he was there or if anyone else participated in his disappearance.

The 12-year-old boy is said to live with his father, also named Charles, as well as his stepmother. Charles Bothuell has taken a polygraph test since his son went missing, but the results were reported on the investigation release as “inconclusive.” His step mother declined to take such a test by her lawyer. Following the father appearing so genuinely shocked on the news and happy his son was found, it would truly be strange to think the eldest Bothuell was involved. More answers are expected to be revealed as police continue to investigate the case that at least had a very happy ending.

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