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Charley's Famous Hamburgers: Hamburger bastion to the masses

Expansive Menu
Expansive Menu
Kimberly Blevins

In today’s world, the hustle and bustle of daily life can often leave one feeling frazzled and without grounding. That’s why it is such a relief when you find a spot where one can take a breather and enjoy a tasty treat. It’s true that these sorts of places can be found spotted throughout the landscape of southern California, but Lemon Grove has a few special places of its own. Charley’s Famous Hamburgers is one of those places.

This is one of the last great hamburger stands of yesteryear. Specializing in friendly service, a peaceful atmosphere and quality food Charley’s is a gem. It’s a modest building without frills. Good food is their main concern. Furthermore, to make them even more unique, some tables at the restaurant, which are on patios, have chess boards. Also there is a small fountain further calming and enriching the surroundings.

Charley’s has an expansive menu serving everything from kabobs, to corn dogs, to cheeseburgers, to vegetarian pita pockets. This reviewer opted for the tried and true on this particular visit. The Charley’s Special consists of a cheeseburger made with a lightly seasoned patty, shredded lettuce, onion, tomato, a sesame seed bun and with rich cheese that oozes over the edges. In addition, the fries overflow from their container they give you so much. A beverage of your choice accompanies the food. If you crave a dessert after this hardy meal you may want to try hot apple turnovers or a creamy shake. The shakes come in several different creative flavors. For instance, there are caramel shakes, black raspberry shakes and peanut butter shakes just to name a few. Or maybe a root beer float is "more your speed." Well whatever your "speed" you are likely to find something "down your alley" at Charley’s.

Prices at Charley’s are low, just another remnant of by-gone days. A complete meal can be achieved for under five dollars. You might think that it would be hard to stay in business with prices that low and that only major chains can afford such low prices. No doubt Charley’s achieves this because they have their own band of loyal customers. Having devoted customers is always a sign that a business is doing something right. So take a hint from this faithful bunch and see what’s going on at Charley’s.

Charley’s is located at 8213 Broadway in Lemon Grove. Their hours of operation are Mondays thru Thursdays and Saturdays 8am-9:30pm, Friday 8am-10pm and Sundays 8am-9pm. Enjoy your meal!