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Charleston's Best Places to Meet Someone New

Worst Pick Up Line:
"Hey the FBI is looking for my penis, can I hide it in you?"
-Charleston Guy
Worst Pick Up Line: "Hey the FBI is looking for my penis, can I hide it in you?" -Charleston Guy

Believe it or not, the best place to meet someone new is NOT the craigslist personal ads. I know, the “looking for a real woman” post can be luring, especially when an explicit photo of the person’s assets are included. But if you’re looking for places a little less, well, creepy than the random personal ads, there are plenty of places in Charleston to meet new people.

Charleston is certainly not lacking in places to eat, dance, or party, but the hurdle that must be jumped is where to go in order to be in the presence of the company you prefer. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait until you’re half blitzed on a Friday night to approach a potential mate candidate!

For the Gym Junkie:
East Shore Athletic Club (ESAC) has 11 gyms located all over the Charleston area. You can join at any location, but the fabulous part is that your membership includes access to all the gyms. If you’re into working out and you’re looking for a ripped work out partner to train with, you can easily tour each facility in the quest for companionship. Plus, many ESAC gyms are open 24 hours, so you’ll have ample time to work your groove thang. ESAC also has several classes, personal trainers, on-site massage therapists, physical therapy, boot camp, and child care as well. So, if you’re in need of a sitter while you hunt for a Saturday night date, don’t forget to add childcare to your ESAC contract.

For the Food Snob:
J. Paul’z is a sexy, swanky restaurant in West Ashley with a lounge like feel, great music, and a fabulous sushi menu. The seating is very communal, making it easy to strike up a conversation with a delicious dish seated nearby. Ladies’ Night is on Wednesday’s from 5-midnight, so if you’re a guy looking for a nice lady or a lady looking for drink specials (or a guy looking for cheap drinks to buy the ladies) you should check out J. Paulz.
Located on Maybank Highway and open Monday through Saturday from 4:30pm until 2am. Happy hour is Monday through Friday from 4:30pm until 6:30pm. Dinner is from 5pm until 10pm Monday-Thursday and from 5pm - 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

For The Dog Lover
Ah, the romance of walking your beloved beagle through the park; then, just like the movies, Fido spots a cute little poodle puff to sniff and proceeds to drag you across the park where you meet the cute poodle's petite, blonde owner. Aw, special. In the end, you wind up with 101 Dalmatians and you live happily ever after.
There are several dog parks in the area where you can utilize your hound dog’s snout to sniff out your next relationship. James Island County Park (James Island(, Wannamaker County Park (North Charleston), and Palmetto Islands County Park (Mt. Pleasant) are all off-leash parks where your pooch can run and play!

The Bar Fly
The Rooftop bar on top of Vendue Inn which is located off of East Bay Street downtown. The crowd is diverse ranging from the overly excited college student to the more relaxed 50 something.

In Mount Pleasant, check out Red’s if you’re looking for a great outside bar, view of Shem Creek, and dog friendly place. It’s great place to go after hitting the beach or having a relaxed dinner at the best burger joint in town, Poe’s Tavern on Sullivan’s Island.

Daniel Island Grill is an awesome sports bar with several TV’s for your viewing pleasure as well as an outside bar. They have free oysters on Friday and karaoke on Saturday night. Plus, it’s Daniel Island, the chances of meeting a delightful, divorced doctor are incredibly high!

Gene’s Haufbrau in West Ashley has some of the best bar food, including deep fried candy bars! They also have a variety of different beers, both domestic and bottle. It’s ultra casual and a great place for a fun summer night.

The Athlete
The Charleston Sports and Social Club (CSSC) organizes kickball, volleyball, dodge ball, softball, basketball, and football teams in the Charleston area. However, if you’re hardcore competitive, this organization may not be for you. CSSC isn’t like other intramural teams, because it is more about fun (and beer) than it is about winning. So, organize a team, fill up your cooler, and do a little flirting with that funny guy on the other team. Perhaps you’ll get lucky and make it to third base.

Well, there you have it folks... now you have to log off the computer, close your myspace page, and sign off of AIM, because you aren't going to establish many real relationships on facebook. Good Luck on your love hunt.


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