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Charleston's average pay for jobs and employer types

Matching jobs with salaries
Matching jobs with salaries

Compensation for the following Charleston jobs have been updated by PayScale for 2011. This data is shown as the gross median (50th percentile) for selected titles. Bear in mind, that there are many factors that can affect an individual job with the same title. Responsibilities, level, additional compensation factors, education, and experience also affect what these titled jobs can warrant.

This is a good overview of what you can expect if you are job searching or seeking a new career choice in Charleston, SC.

Job title Median Salary

Retail Store Manager $40,678

Registered Nurse (RN) $49,598

Attorney/Lawyer $67,407

Project Mgr, Construction $61,409

Administrative Assistant $28,909

High School Teacher $40,443

Software Engineer $61,706

Below are the median salaries by Employer Type in Charleston, SC. Again, the compensation data is shown as the gross median (50th percentile) and the same factors as above apply that can affect actual pay.

Employer Type Salary

Company $50,129

Hospital $54,268

Private Practice/Firm $46,148

Government/State & Local $45,064

Government/Federal $65,027

Colleges/University $43,160

Non-Profit Organization $39,429

Schools/School District $41,064

Contract $55,435

Self-Employed $50,055

Marie Coppola March 2011

Ref: PayScale - Updated 2011


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