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Charleston Fashion Week 2014 Finale

The four semi-finalists, Leah and Rebecca Plante, Kaitlyn Machos, Angela Bacskocky, Deanna Ansara plus Anna Toth, retuned to show their full collections. The judges have the option to bring back a designer who had not won in the week’s semi-finals. They chose to give Anna Toth, who was eliminated from the competition on Tuesday a second chance.

A design by Leah and Rebecca Plante
Zach Suggs

Leah & Rebecca Plante, winners of the Emerging Designer Award, are a sister team. They design softly draped clothes in eco-friendly fabrics under the label Plante. Kaitlyn Machos incorporates interesting pleating, draping, and gathering techniques in her designs. Angela Bacskocky designs under the label Angela Bacskocky. She infuses traditional tailored silhouettes with an edginess that makes her designs uniquely modern. Deanna Ansara designs under the label Vincetta. She uses menswear-tailoring concepts to create softly draped, flowing feminine clothes.

Anna Toth, winner of the Peoples Choice Award and the Emerging Designer Award, designs under the label Bow + Arrow. Anna was the real surprise of the evening. She is a perfect example of the conundrum participants find themselves in. What eight pieces to chose for the capsule collection? In my opinion the clothes in her capsule collection were well made, wearable outfits perfect for Charleston summers, but not exciting. Fortunately the judges were of a different opinion. Her full collection while still casual and wearable was very unique and exciting.

For the first time in Charleston Fashion Week’s eight years, there was a tie for the Emerging Designer Award. It was given to both the sister team of Leah & Rebecca Plante and Anna Toth.

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