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Charleston Antiques, LLC. is now open in the West Ashley area of Charleston, SC

The most recent addition to Charleston, SC antiques shops is Charleston Antiques, LLC., at 1942 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. in West Ashley, near Citadel Mall. David Evans is the manager, from Walterboro, where he has Bachelor Hill Antiques. It is near the Dupont Rd. intersection. They have easy parking and are open on Sundays.

This is a  great garden or garden room statue! A classic antique. Notice the chandelier in the background.
Clyde H. Shokes Jr.
Charleston Antiques, LLC is now open
Clyde H. Shokes Jr.

This is a group of antiques dealers who exhibit in this very bright and roomy space. Chris Kellogg is among the antiques dealers. They do not have a website yet, but their phone number is 843-769-9446. All kinds of antiques from primitive to Georgian to eclectic can be found here. They are also open on Sundays when many antiques shops are closed. Everything they sell seems to be in very good condition and they do not sell modern decorator items that some people try to sell from antique shops.

They have a lot of furniture and that is nice to know because so many antiques shops put such a value on their space that dealers are so limited with their space that they do not have room for large furniture like secretary bookcases and cabinets. There are plenty of tables and chairs and practical things. They have primitive country style tables and cupboards. Fortunately the floor plan of the shop is very well planned and laid out so that there is plenty of room to see what’s there and it is not too crowded.

This shop is a welcome addition to the antiques shops in Charleston and a must for any antiques shopper. It is obvious that the antiques dealers have put a lot of effort into arranging things in a very decorative and appealing way. More pictures of their antiques showroom can be found at, the site on antiques shipping in Charleston SC.