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Charles Kenny blasts perfect game at Canoga Park Bowl

Charles Kenny rolled his 59th perfect game.
Charles Kenny rolled his 59th perfect game.
Fred Eisenhammer

Chalk up No. 59 for bowler Charles Kenny.

That’s 59 perfect games, the last of which Kenny blasted Monday night in the “River Maniacs” league at Canoga Park Bowl.

Kenny rolled a 236-300-215 for a sizzling 751 series. He has rolled 28 800 series, but he said his latest 300 game was still a thrill.

“You never know when you’ll shoot your next one,” said Kenny, a Northridge resident. “It could be the last one I’ll ever shoot.”

Kenny added he had extra cause to celebrate because the 300 was “the first one I shot in a while.”

On July 23, Kenny bowled his last perfect game during league play at Mission Hills Lanes. July was a terrific month for Kenny, who also bowled a 300 at Mission Hills Lanes two weeks earlier and an 815 series at Jewel City Bowl in Glendale.

The right-handed Kenny throws missiles at the pins and he acknowledged that he didn’t have any close calls on his 12 shots during his perfect game Monday. “They were all right there,” said Kenny, who has crushed an 865 series.

Informed about Kenny’s perfect game, superstar Johnnie Englehart was not surprised. Englehart’s team recently bowled against Kenny’s team at Canoga Park Bowl and he witnessed the power of Kenny’s shots.

“Think of David and Goliath and he was Goliath,” said Englehart, describing Kenny and himself. “He’s bigger and throws 10 miles [per hour] faster than I do.

“When he bowls, pins fly. It’s like a tornado down there.”

The 32-year-old Kenny averages a potent 242 in the “River Maniacs” league, but he was modest about Monday’s perfect game. “Sometimes you get lucky,” he said.

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