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Charles Diana wedding cake slice: $1,375 at auction with 'Do Not Eat' disclosure

When would a 33-year-old piece of cake gather so much attention and sell for $1,375? Only when that piece was cut off the wedding cake made for the wedding of the century of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, suggests the New York Daily News on Aug. 30.

Charles and Diana's wedding cake sells at auction, but you can't eat it!

People Magazine reports that the box the cake comes in is original and it has an interlocking “C” and “D” for Charles and Diana. It also comes with a card from the day that it was passed out at the royal wedding saying; "With best wishes from Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince & Princess of Wales."

Let's face it, you are limited with what you can do with this piece of very old cake. At best it gives you bragging rights, but you can't display it, mold would set in if it is left unrefrigerated. You can't even take it in and out of the freezer without worrying that you will damage something as delicate as cake that is decades old.

You certainly can't eat it, the cake comes with a warning against that. So what do you do with the cake? Apparently you carefully store it in the freezer and hope that someone in the family doesn't find it and think that you picked up something from Sara Lee!

Looking back 33 years, a very shy, but extremely happy Diana married her Prince in a ceremony that just about the entire world stopped to watch via TV, radio or in person. It was a happy time for Princess Diana who would meet with such ill-fate at such a young age in the future.

So who shelled out over $1,000 for a piece of the famous cake? A private collector who purchased the cake from an online auction now owns a piece of that famous day.

The cake, which is still in its original box and wrapped in wax paper is not fit for human consumption. This was a warning that came along with the winning bid, “Don’t Eat the Cake!”

Believe it or not, there are a select group of people who actually collect pieces of wedding cake from royal British weddings. Even a piece of cake from the 1840 wedding of Queen Victoria was a hot auction item.

The Charles and Diana wedding cake piece was sold at an auction held by auctioneers in Los Angeles. Nate D. Sanders, is the auction house that sold the cake to the highest bidder.

The short union of Diana and Charles started with their 1981 wedding and ended when they separated in 1992, with their divorce coming some four years later in 1996. Out of that marriage came two beautiful baby boys, who have grown into some very handsome and responsible men, Prince William and Prince Harry.

The wedding cake’s packaging was as yellowed and decrepit looking as you’d expect a 33-year-old piece of cake to be in its original wrapping. The wax paper the cake went home in from the royal wedding did not fare well through the years.

Still you have a piece of cake from one of the most memorable days in modern history!

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