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Charles, Diana's wedding cake slice: How much for 33-year-old slice of history?

A slice of wedding cake from Prince Charles' and Princess Diana's wedding in 1981 was sold at auction this past week. The three decades-old slice of cake, which resembles a decrepit, water-logged book more so than a slice of pastry, was auctioned to the highest bidder Thursday. It’s a retake on the idiom – You can have your cake but (in this case) not eat it too.

Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Nancy Reagan and U.S. President Ronald Reagan in November 1985
Wikimedia Commons

Writes “The cake, still in its original white-and-silver presentation box, was sold online Thursday by Nate D. Sanders Auctions of Los Angeles. The box features Prince Charles's feathers and an interlocking ‘C’ and ‘D.’ It is accompanied by a card stating: ‘With best wishes from Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince & Princess of Wales.’”

So the answer to the question: How much for 33-year-old slice of history? The palm-sized slice went for $1,375.

The cake was purchased by a private collector. mirrors the video and asks: “What does one do with the cake? It's not something you can openly display in your home. Maybe you just keep in the refrigerator, and wait for a special occasion to enjoy a crusty, moldy piece of history. Delicious.”

Dedicated British cake collectors have been gobbling up such finds, including another slice from the same 5-layered royal cake, purchased in 2012 along with a slice from William and Kate's wedding cake. According to Vanity Fair, a piece of toast from Charles and Diana's wedding breakfast also was sold in 2012, fetching close $400. Cakes even dating back to the 1840 marriage of Queen Victoria have been transacted online.

Diana and Charles were married in July 1981, separated in 1992 and officially divorced four years later. Their cake, on the other hand, is at 33 years and counting.

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