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Charity Johnson 34: Posed as high school student and duped everyone, but why?

A 34-year-old woman posing as a high-school student is one bizarre story, as there doesn’t appear to be a motive for this deception. Charity Anne Johnson had everyone fooled, even the woman that took her in thinking she was a kid that needed someone to love and care for her, according to The Hollywood Gossip on May 16.

Woman poses as a high school student, dupes everyone.
YouTube screen shot/ NBC News

She was well liked by the kids and the teachers in her Longview, Texas school where she just completed a sophomore year in high school. As far as police can tell, she isn’t a woman who has been in any trouble, as she has no criminal record or outstanding warrants.

According to NBC News, the first thing police looked for when finding out she was an imposter was to check for warrants, which is often the reason people take on a new identity. Her secret life came crumbling down around her on Monday night when the woman who took her in, thinking she was a kid in need of help, called the police and asked that she be removed from the woman’s home.

Charity Johnson gave her name as “Charity Stevens,” to the police, claiming that she was born in November of 1997. Some of the things she said to police didn’t add up and the officer questioning her knew she was lying. The five-foot tall, 300 lb. woman was posing as a 15-year-old, police were soon to find out.

Digging further police were able to find her real identity was Charity Johnson, but she knew when police ran that name it would come back with her real birth date and age, so most likely that is why she gave her last name as “Stevens.” Police did run the name Charity Johnson and it came back belonging to a 34-year-old woman.

She was arrested for giving false information to a police officer, which is a misdemeanor. The police, along with the people who got to know this woman as a kid are dumbfounded today.

While Johnson was in school, she was a good student and did all her homework. She did everything that a high school kid would do like keep up a Facebook page. She took selfies, pictures of friendship bracelets and Hello Kitty to paste on social networks. She looked like a high school kid, as you can see from the video above. Police still can't find a motive that would prompt this woman to do this.

The woman who took her in met her while both working at McDonald's. She said her parents were dead and her sister was missing. The woman took her in thinking she was a down-on-her-luck kid. She found out differently, this is why she requested the police help to get her removed from her home.

The woman got a phone call from another woman who ran a group for needy children that Johnson tried to join. The woman had run a background check finding out that Johnson was born in 1979. Today the 34-year-old woman is in Gregg County Jail held on $500 bond.

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