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Charity comes from the heart

These boys never stop doing good!
Reese Stoneburner

Reese Stoneburner and Patrick Query, two college freshmen are displaying their charitable side this evening when they take time to stop in to St. Michael’s Faith Center to check on the class that they were helping to teach last year. Obviously, with Reese in South Carolina and Patrick in Indiana, the two are hours away from Wheaton, so they had to resign their Shepherding positions when they departed in the fall.

For these young men though, they did not feel that their job was through. They feel as though they owed the kids a bit more than just one year, so they are taking the time tonight to stop in and help the teens write their Confirmation letters to Fr. Dan Hoehn. This will be their one opportunity to wrap things up and encourage the young men and women getting ready to commit themselves wholeheartedly to their faith.

The third young man that helped Stoneburner and Query last year was Jackson Hicks. Hicks planned on being there for the reunion meeting tonight but was accepted into a specialized class in Greece through DePauw University. He regretfully left on Sunday during the bad storms that raged through Chicagoland.

These three young men have displayed attitudes and demeanors that younger teens dare to follow. Stoneburner became a second degree Knight of Columbus the second weekend in October after joining the Knights after he finished Matriculation Week at The Citadel.

Query continues teaching children drum lessons when he gets time off from school and Hicks worked so hard to get into the Greece studies which is somehow affiliated with a Harvard specialized program. Younger children look for reasons to follow older, more seasoned men and women and these three make top grade. The kids are fortunate to have such great leaders reenter their lives.

The greatest thing to witness is all of the fantastic young people that get involved in leading the younger kids by teaching them a way of faith. While these young men are great, they are just three in a sea of involved teens. What better charity than to lend oneself to others as a friend?

Perhaps this article will lend support to others that are on the fence as to whether or not to be involved or not. Just to be clear, leading by example is one of the greatest gifts one can give from the heart. Thank goodness for the good hearts of the teens that gets involved. Because of their true dedication, service will be taught and the cycle can continue!

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