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Charity and volunteerism reduce family violence

Time and caring can save lives!
Family Shelter Services

It is unclear if the public realizes that each and every year three-quarters of a million children bear witness to domestic violence. Whether they are old enough to realize the ramifications or not, they are there.

In fact, sadly enough, many times domestic abuse occurs while a woman is pregnant. Pregnancy should be one of the great joys in life for a miracle is about to take place, but too often it is a source of disdain and the woman and baby pay with violent attacks.

‘What can I do?’ many outsiders will ask. ‘Won’t things get worse if I interfere?’

That is not the stand that Family Shelter Service (FSS) takes. In fact, they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that mothers and children escape the violence and get to safe ground where they are able to rebuild their lives and go well into the future.

Sometimes women have doubts about their pregnancies because they feel that the baby is the cause of their abuse. FSS counselors are there to help with that, too. In fact, the shelter staff is so kind and caring that mothers are able to witness that there are others suffering their same plight that are willing to work together to ensure that everyone comes away safely!

Once healing begins, so can recovery. Once that happens, the road to the future seems to open up and the once confused women are able to begin a life of normalcy – without violence and abuse to ruin it.

One young mother actually experienced the pregnancy confusion, bore witness to the charitable works of the FSS staff and counseling crew, and made a remarkable transformation that allowed her and her infant son to leave the shelter and move in with relatives to begin anew. She had this to say: "Thank you to everyone at Family Shelter Service for being on this journey with me and for showing me that I am not alone. You can never know the far-reaching effects of your good work."

Without the efforts of the good people at FSS, it is painful to imagine what this woman or the many like her would have to go through – if they were able to go through it at all. Family Shelter Service is there to offer help and guidance for those that desperately need it. They are there to offer the chance for peace and tranquility for those in desperate situations so that so many children don’t have to bear witness to the abuse.

There is a saying that ‘it takes a village’ (to raise a child). That same village can be there to ensure that the good works of Family Shelter Service continues until the violence and abuse ends. Providing any amount of support allows the good work to continue.

FSS currently helps approximately 2,000 adults and children each year in their shelters. However, as with everything governmental, they have received a major cut in their funding, so they will have to depend on the big hearts of the community to help them continue the necessary work that they do. Please consider a donation today. It could be a relative or a friend’s life you are saving!

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