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Charity: A great way to beat the lonely winter blahs

Rainbow after the storm
Rainbow after the storm
Robert Bell

Let's face it: the winter season seems to be the hardest for those who are already currently childless and single. If you are like most single and childless women in the early to mid 20s, I'm sure you've already been bombarded with baby shower and wedding announcements and pictures plastered all over your social networking sites of those around you with new found love or newborns. With Valentine's Day around the corner, it is often easy to slump into a depression about not having someone to share these cold winter nights with.

Luckily, you can slow down the blues with volunteerism and charitable activities. Although donating gifts and money towards charitable causes happens all year round, when engaging yourself in dedicating your time, talent and finances towards a cause close to your heart, all other issues go out the window, at least for that time period. Not only are you contributing towards something you believe in, but you may also make great friends and life-long connections along the way.

Because we have had a most unusual winter, with cold snaps in the southern regions of the US and also the tragic earthquake in Haiti, opportunities to donate and assist others in need is at an all-time high. There are plenty of organizations and websites that you can investigate before you donate or volunteer, such as World Vision and AmeriCorps, but please make sure to investigate any organization before you make a donation! 

Here are a couple of sites to start your search:

Charity This is a website that evaluates over 5,000 charitable organizations nationwide

Volunteer This site matches your skills and interests with local volunteer opportunities and organizations.

When you engage yourself in helping others, you in turn help yourself. So beat the winter blahs by helping your fellow man!


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