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Charitable animal rescue director refuses to return disabled woman's dog

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Freda Haddix wants her long-haired purebred black chihuahua back, however the director of the Humane Alliance of Rutherford County in Murfreesboro, Tenn. refuses to even speak with her - much less give her back her dog reported Thursday's

Freda is disabled and has trouble walking, lives with her husband, and until just a few days ago - her dog named Buddy.

Haddix needed help house training Buddy and called the Humane Alliance of Rutherford County for names of people who might be able to assist her. Arriving at the Haddix home was Penny Jekot, the charity director of the Humane Alliance, who allegedly led the senior couple into believing she would help with the house training, but would have to take Buddy with her. Haddix understood the dog would to be returned when his training was complete.

Jekot presented the couple with a blank sheet of paper and told them she needed their signatures to take the dog with her. Jekot then wrote something on the paper, but despite the couple asking to read what the woman wrote, Jekot refused to let the couple see what she had written above their signatures and quickly left.

From then on, the Haddix couple have not seen their dog and have been told by Jekot the dog no longer belongs to either of them.

News reporter Stacy Case finally caught up with Jekot by phone who stated:

"I gave her one sheet of paper that was a blank sheet of paper. I said I want you to give me the dog, sign the form that says you give me the dog. She and her husband both signed the paper, dated it. They both signed it, and that's the end of it. There's no form that says I give you my dog."

Meanwhile all Haddix has now are some photographs of her dog. The Murfreesboro Police told the couple they would have to file a civil suit.

A petition has been started to help bring Buddy back home. Please click here for more information.

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