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Charges Must Be Laid in Calgary Attacks

Crimes are taking place in Canadian streets. That's nothing new.

What is new is that these aren't property crimes or even run-of-the-mill violent crimes. These are crimes against the right to peacefully protest -- or peacefully counter-protest.

These rights are supposed to be protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Constitutionally-entrenched, in fact. But it seems that some people in Canada do not seem to think those rights apply to everyone. And increasingly it seems that the police -- the people responsible for ensuring that Canadians can exercise this right, by protecting them from attack -- do not disagree.

First, it was an attack on a pro-Israel counter-protest outside Palestine House in Mississauga, ON. Previously, supporters of Palestine House had been content to shout anti-Semitic remarks and utter genocidal taunts at pro-Israel supporters. More recently, they attacked them while police looked on and did nothing.

At least Peel Regional Police pressed charges against two people in that incident.

Now, it will be up to Calgary police to do the same, as pro-Israel counter-protesters were surrounded and assaulted in downtown Calgary. And although those friendly to these protesters attempted to conceal the assault with sloppily-edited video, uncut video shows that anti-Israel protesters were the clear aggressors.

Calgary Police are still investigating the matter. But watching the videos, one thing is crystal clear: anti-Israel protesters were the aggressors. The assailants in question must be identified and charged.

The Charter rights of Canadians across the country depend on it. Canadians will be watching.

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