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ChargerLeash is the USB cable that you need

It's the one cord that you need

Without a charger, your device is useless!

To us gadget and device hounds, there is not a statement that is more true.

We depend on our gadgets wherever we go and for whatever we need to do.

The ChargerLeash can help out, so don't be "alarmed."

The ChargerLeash is compatible with all USB chargers, and was designed with forgotten chargers in mind. I know, I left my charger and an assortment of cords in a hotel room on a recent trip. Thankfully the hotel called me after finding it and mailed it to me. With the ChargerLeash, I wouldn't have had that issue.

The ChargerLeash is actually built-in security as it "leashes" your device/gadget to its power source. It gives off an audible alert when you unplug your device. This ensures that you never again walk away without your charger.

With the ChargerLeash, you’ll never again leave your charger in a hotel room or coffee shop.

All you need to do is connect the ChargerLeash to your device; then plug into a (USB) power source to begin the charging process.

When you unplug your device, an alarm will sound within 5 seconds, alerting you to pack your power accessories and take them with you.

Worried about that alarm going on at home when you are with your family?

As a bonus, with the purchase of a ChargerLeash, you also get the ability to use the ChargerLeash iOS app. It's designed to activate the ChargerLeash alarm only when you’re on the go, and silence it when you’re at your home.

Get any of the four versions of the ChargerLeash at

They are all at a great under $40 price point. It's money well spent.

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