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Charged in kids with heroin: Man, woman arrested for first grader with heroin

Man, woman arrested after their first grader brought 11 packets of heroin to school.
Man, woman arrested after their first grader brought 11 packets of heroin to school.
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A man and a woman have been charged after a first grade child brought 11 packets of the powerful drug heroin to school. A Philadelphia first grade teacher found one of her students playing with a packet of heroin and then discovered bite marks on one of the envelopes of the two packets that had been opened. This resulted in 20 children going to the hospital, according to MSN News on June 11. It was a harrowing few minutes at the Commodore John Barry Elementary School in the Cobbs Creek section of the city when one of the children complained of a stomach ache after the heroin was discovered. This urgent class trip to the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia ended when the students were checked out and it was found that none of the kids had ingested the drug, which could have killed them. CBS Local News reports that Police were called to the school when the illegal drug was first discovered on the child. Lt. John Walker explained that they had found one of the two envelopes that had been opened with bite marks on the envelope. This indicated to the police that a child used their teeth to open the envelope. When one of the kids complained they felt sick, police weren’t taking any chances. This was why they made the decision that the kids needed to get checked out medically. Needless to say the parents of the other students were shaken after learning that the illegal drug had made its way into a first grade class. Even a small amount of this drug, which is in powder form, could kill an adult, never mind a small child. One of the parents of the kids from the classroom said about the little girl who brought the drugs into school, “Apparently she was playing with the packet and showing it off.” The mother of the child who brought the drugs into school declined to comment to the media. She was taken to the police station to be questioned. Later on in the day she was charged along her boyfriend. Marie Hunter, 32, and 28-year-old Christopher Jenkins were charged with child endangerment and narcotic possession. First grade students are not searched as they enter the school, so that is how the drugs came in undetected on this child. This was a frightening ordeal for the 20 families of the children taken to the hospital after the heroin was discovered in their classroom. This is not the first time a child came to school having this illegal drug with them. Back in March a toddler in a New Jersey Day Care was found to have 50 packets of heroin stuffed into her coat. A daycare worker discovered this when she was helping the child with his jacket. The father of the child was arrested in that incident. You can read more about that incident in the article below in the “Suggested by the Author” section.