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Charge Pynk Celebration has Atlanta’s support

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Philanthropy. Charity. Caring. These are words that help define Atlanta’s humanitarian side. With the help of technology and recent upsurge of social networks and Internet crowd funding sources such as GoFundME, the possibilities of deeper awareness and impact becomes more relevant in achieving success. For Breast Cancer awareness support and Cancer survivors, no cause has benefited more and involved more participation than the Charge Pynk Celebration initiative hosted by The Table Talk Series on April 19th at the M-Rich Building.

Breast Awareness and Cancer survivor benefit

About the brand

Charessa Sawyer’s The Table Talk Brand has expanded from the Dinner Series to Table Talk Media and Radio Show. The Brand can be seen doing exclusive interviews with taste makers, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and celebrities doing positive work in the community. The Table Talk Series started as a small, monthly dinner-and-discussion meeting and has quickly grown in the last 2-years. It has evolved over this time into a live internet radio program that reaches a larger audience due to its social topics and presence, always with an emphasis on information and education.

So, it didn’t surprise me when Charessa told me about her upcoming Charge Pynk Celebration event. What did surprise me as an inaugural event was indicated by the many pages of attending guests that made the show of support. However, the story is not about the volume of people, rather it’s about the substance of the event. The theme was about

What it takes

This well planned event was about survivor testimonials from women and men but this was no stodgy affair. This was the quintessential mix of media and social interaction that started well before the April date. The Table Talk Series garnered and gathered funding through a crowd funding internet site, was Tweeted and Facebooked, even being a Coming Attraction in this column. They were able to receive the support of various wellness organizations and networks, most notably The Breast Cancer Survivors' Network of Georgia and I WILL SURVIVE INC, who provided a recipient with a stipend of support.

The research alone that went into the preparation reached out to sponsors who were developing long-term relationships for the Charge Up campaign extended initiatives. The show of support from Bethany Christian Services and Infinity of South Atlanta went a long way in providing legitimacy as long-term supporters to start it off. The support was simple for various corporate and non profit organizations involvement: provide publicity sponsorship, financial support and in-kind donations.

In the place to be

Charge Pynk Celebration was truly an eclectic mixture of survivor stories, survivor presentations, caregiver stories, performances and gift bags, Ambassadors, vendors, a silent art auction, live music and DJ, red carpet, survivor and more. It also featured special guests such as Dr. Jackie Walters of Married to Medicine, the TV realty show, who was honored for her awesome work in the community to educate others of Breast Cancer. Survivors Paris Murphy and Catherine Young, Guest Speaker Linda Arrey Wilde, State Senate candidate Reginald Crossley, and Meisha Woolford, RN BSN Certified Chemo Provider. Balancing the hosts/co-hosts Prostate Cancer survivor Larry Love, Boss Chix, and Janet Jackson gave a great gender spotlight on the cause. Guests were treated to a 5-course dinner and show. The vibe in the building was truly a celebration.

Those who know that giving is an act of selflessness that comes from one’s spirit and can truly be a rewarding experience. One event recipient received a financial stipend, full makeover and more gifts from various sponsors, while another survivor received support from a spotlighted non-profit organization. That particular non-profit received donations from the event.

But wait, there’s more

Not to be overlooked, there were other organizations that were enabled this event to become a reality. The benefit received support from Plushe Entertainment and Uniquleu by Sheila, Dahe Productions, Higher Ground Events, Meme House of PR, Infiniti of South Atlanta, National Association of Professional Black Women, ATL RED CARPET, Bethany Christian Services, SB Boutique, Passion XO, and B. Stevenson Events, Lillie Me PR, Flo on Entertainment, Ambassadors and more.

Coming up

With this big event behind her, and still more months to come in 2014, Charessa plans on dividing her time between the Table Talk Series brand and Simply Charessa Events, something that comes naturally for her due to her inner passion for others.

Simply Charessa Events has pledged to continue to support those who are supporting others. We have partnered alongside Uniquleu events by Sheila to provide support to women who have been involved in Domestic abuse with the upcoming project: No Longer the Face of Abuse on June 28th 2pm. Guest may RSVP at SCE and The Table Talk Brand have also partnered with Grow A Girl Network to assist with sponsorship and vendor support.

The Table Talk Brand has expanded from the Dinner Series to Table Talk Media and Radio Show. The Brand can be seen doing exclusive interviews with tastemakers, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and celebrities doing positive work in the community. The Table Talk Brand is an extension of Simply Charessa Events and the radio show may be heard every Tuesday at 4pm on WAEC Beasley Broadcasting 860am (will be back on the Air June 17th), and the dinner series will return June 2014 with the Topic: "Saving our Fathers" as well. They are gearing up for a fall initiative that is focused on supporting and celebrating survivors of child abuse/violence and human sex trafficking. Please be on the watch for awesome events from Simply Charessa Events and The Table Talk Brand.

Coming Attractions

Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas opens this week at the High Museum. This major exhibition of innovative automotive design will bring together 17 concept cars from across Europe and the U.S., including some of the rarest and most imaginative cars designed by Ferrari, Bugatti, General Motors and Porsche. May 21 – September 07, 2014

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