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Characteristics of Venus

Venus is known as the planet of love and of money, so to put it shortly, this planet is all about pleasure. This does not mean that it narrows down its dominion only to the pleasure that an individual experiences alone, but it also includes the pleasure shared with a different person. Venus orbits the zodiac in 225 days and it is never more than 47 degrees away from the Sun. This planet exudes feminine energy. Regarding the Sun signs, it rules both Taurus and Libra, and as for the Houses, the Second and Seventh ones.

Venus is correlated with love and romance, and it is responsible of bringing harmony into your emotional attachments, be it friendships, marriages, or any other unions (such as business partnerships). The mission of this planet is to spread happiness and tenderness, while teaching us what it truly means to love and appreciate others, as well as the things that we have in our lives (what we possess).

Others seem attractive and we attract others thanks to the energy of Venus. Relating to others and socializing are under the influence of this planet and are key-elements of its domain. Beauty is also strongly associated with Venus, and it has been so from ancient times when Venus was the goddess of love and fertility. On the same theme of beauty, all arts (dance, music, drama, literature, and so many others) and a sense of aesthetic are correlated with this planet. Venus urges us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the world and to enjoy every bit of it. This planet is linked to culture, refinement, grace, and charm.

Apart from influencing our inside universe, Venus is also responsible for the pleasure that we derive from our possessions. Luxury items like cars, jewelry, paintings, etc., fine food and drinks, a grandiose home – all of these fall within the realm of Venus.

Basically, Venus is concerned with all forms of refinement, pleasure, and sensuality. It influences our relationships and its energy renders us attractive to others.

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