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Characteristics of the Twelfth House

The Twelfth and final House is ruled by Jupiter and Pluto, and by the Pisces sign. This House is also known as the House of the Subconscious. The subconscious can aid us in achieving success, but it can also help us deal with our failures. When it comes to the success versus failure opposition, we should ask ourselves: do we consciously take action and build our lives or do we subconsciously assume an attitude of avoidance? This House is where we look back on and review what we have been, what we have done, and then decide in what direction to move from there. Apart from these subconscious musings, it is also in this House that we consider our strengths and weaknesses which we keep hidden from others.

The subconscious part of our minds is constantly working on our behalf, trying to put together pieces of information, thus making sense of our existence here on Earth. This process is long and slow, and it can engender fear and pain in our hearts. In this context we have to face our secrets, sorrows, and suffering, not only what we hide from others but also what we hide from ourselves. We are ultimately confronted with our fate, or as it called in other cultures, with karma.

Karma is the force which confronts us with the results of our actions. This, too, draws our attention to repressed agendas and restraint. What we have created with our lives, what we leave behind, and how we move forward are key elements of the Twelfth House, and we deal with them both consciously and unconsciously. These two elements can lead to us being either transformed or reborn.

There is a lot we can learn from the subconscious. It prompts us to be charitable when at its noblest of forms. Provided that we learn our lessons – both past and present –, we will be better equipped to face the future, to move forward with courage and enthusiasm. The Twelfth House determines us to look for closure in a spiritual manner, so that it may lead to positive growth.

This House also recognizes that we can feel stuck in life, bound and confined. This is why the Twelfth House rules jails, institutions, hospitals, asylums, and any other space which limits freedom. Even more gloominess is added in the realm of this House in the form of secret enemies, danger, and clandestine affairs.

While this House may seem a rather negative one, it is in fact the champion of positive changes and transformations. It is in under the influence of this House that we decide how to proceed when we find ourselves stuck. By drawing lessons from our past experiences, we gain the light and knowledge necessary to build a brighter future.

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