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Characteristics of the Third House

The Third House, ruled by Mercury and the Sun sign Gemini, is also known as the House of Communication. This House comprises the biggest part of the communication taking place between the individual and those really close to him or her, such as sisters and brothers, as well as other not-so-close people, such as neighbors.

Communication here can be defined as both written and verbal, and it also bears a conscious quality. In terms of kindred spirits, deeper, stronger mental connections serve to highlight the important role played by intelligence within the House of Communication.

However, in the realm of communication, intelligence isn’t necessarily viewed or interpreted as it usually is. Here it rather refers to the analytical ability possessed by a certain person within his or her environment, more precisely it is a basic grasp of concepts, things, and a practical sensibility required for proper communication.

This kind of intelligence helps us work efficiently within our environment, our world, our reality, and with the people who are part of it. The Third House is a reminder that it is desirable to use both our conscious skills and a more reflective intelligence if we are to put a message across in an effective manner.

Part of this ‘healthy communication plan’ is also a symbiotic relationship with our dear ones. We should never forget that our minds are quick, powerful, and flexible: while certain things will be carefully planned and well-thought out, others will be nearly automatic. Our main concern here should be to maximize our sum potential.

Another important element in ensuring that we communicate effectively is our early education. During this stage, we are taught how to think and communicate. The Third House covers early education, as well as short trips.

The essence of the Third House is harnessing our intelligence and then sharing it effectively with those around us. This House brings up a few interesting questions, such as which is the best way to state our case with others, especially with those we hold closest to our hearts?; or what we “preach” and what we do will always be in accordance, and to the benefit of the world surrounding us? All these questions may be answered by paying attention to and listening to the House of Communication: the key is to think, process, and share.

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