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Characteristics of the Tenth House

Ruled by Capricorn and Saturn, the Tenth House is also known as the House of Social Status. It refers to the place we have reached in our social grouping, including in terms of career and of society in its entirety. The authority this status conveys consequently influences the role we receive and fulfill in our community. This House rules any promotions we may receive, any fame we may attain and the types of financial endeavors and social activities in which we will be engaged. Speaking of achievement, the Tenth House focuses on how we perceive ourselves and how society or the community perceives us. It is through this House that we work on manifesting ourselves.

A key element in the Tenth House is vocation. How much we want to achieve in life as determined by career, personal ambitions, professional goals, and motivation is influenced by this House. Referring to the more concrete aspect of our reality, employers, work-related rules, and organizations – specifically the government – that can rule over us are covered here as well.

The social status and prestige we achieve by means of our vocations and careers are mirrored, intangibly, in the form of ego gratification. How we deal with this is ruled by the Tenth House. Surprisingly, we are more likely to enjoy the financial rewards for a longer period of time than we enjoy satisfying our ego.

How we manage the gifts of life and the status that comes along with them is an important aspect addressed by the Tenth House. Not every individual was made for huge social success and not all of us have been equipped to contribute to the wellbeing of society in a significant manner. It is important to note that success is never achieved in a vacuum, but rather with the aid of society.

Furthermore, the Tenth House addresses the relationship of the individual to society and to a specific group as well. In order to truly improve things and to make an impact, we have to feel a strong connection to the cause. When we are fully committed to a cause we achieve a worthwhile social status. In keeping with its focus on rulers (in the form of employers and other organizations), the Tenth House influences the father who is generally the parent with the most authority.

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