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Characteristics of the Sixth House

Ruled by Mercury and the planet Virgo, the Sixth House is also called the House of Health. A prerequisite for maintaining good health is knowing how to deal with any form of adversity, being able to cope with difficult situations. This is one of the main themes in the Sixth House. Any human-being has flaws or – to put it in a milder way – shortcomings, but the important question is what we do with and about them. How we deal with illnesses, crises, and bad fortune, and what lessons we draw from all these play a major role in defining us as individuals.

While our fears may prevent us from living to the fullest and enjoying life, we can courageously confront them and, as a result, become stronger. In the process, we may learn important lessons and we may discover our true life’s purpose. We may realize that our purpose is to serve others. Work and service are key elements of this House. The main focus here is on the employer-employee-employment triad, on training, on both those who we serve and those who serve us. Staying strong and working hard throughout our lives are important here as well, reason why the Sixth House also rules over health, fitness, diet, and hygiene.

However, working ‘on the outside’ isn’t enough; we also have to work ‘on the inside,’ on ourselves. Self-improvement – as a result of doing your duty, taking responsibility for your actions, and actively working on your personal growth – makes you a fully-realized being in the long run. Saying that we are at the service of all sentient-beings automatically implies that we are at the service of our own being, too. Given that this House is the House of Health, it is in the hardest moments of our lives that we must do our best to heal ourselves, so that we may reach our full potential once more and thus serve others more efficiently.

This House is also linked to our day-to-day habits and activities, such as what clothes we wear, whether we need a new haircut or not, does the car need a wash, and so on. We might not be fully aware of it, but our lives are, in fact, a sum of such simple matters. Small events and habits keep us going and enable us to achieve our dreams and to do what we love.

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