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Characteristics of the Seventh House

The Seventh House is ruled by Venus and the sign Libra. It is commonly called the House of Partnership, being the House which marks a change of focus away from the self and towards the other – hence the designation “House of Partnership.” Given that cooperation unites people who work towards a achieving a common goal, purpose is a key-concept in the Seventh House. In joining our forces and skills with another our value as human-beings increases as well – our contribution is important no matter how small or how big it is. Purpose leads to action, actions means growth, and grow is what life is all about.

Partnerships are of great value for each and every one of us because it is through such a relationship that we complete our inner selves. When we collaborate with someone we suddenly feel that we are part of something bigger. Partnerships are all about bringing together play, creativity, work, and love, so they make our lives better on all levels. Our success as members of mankind, of a community, and of society is dictated by the quality of our interaction with others.

An important aspect of this House is that partnerships come in various forms: business partnership, marriage, legalities, and negotiations. In each of these we will become more or less close to our partner. How well we cooperate with others is influenced by the Seventh House. The reason why we choose a certain partnership can reveal important aspects of our personality and about our way of thinking: money, love, social considerations – these are just a few possible underlying motivations.

As a matter of fact, there are several factors which determine why and with whom we associate. We may often find that our partner fills certain voids within us, or that we simply enjoy the company of that person. All in all, our partnerships reveal a lot about ourselves and they can also teach us many important life lessons.

Any partnership/relationship issues and tensions are rooted in the Seventh House, because this House also focuses on the not-so-pleasant, rather dark side of our partnerships. Things such as divorce and lawsuits fall within the realm of this House. In extreme cases, partnership problems can create enemies (on a larger scale, such issues lead to wars or other political confrontations).

Bottom line, the Seventh House rules partnerships and partnership-related contracts (social, political, etc.) Our choices in terms of unions can teach us a great deal about who we are and how we act. How well we cope with diversity and adversity directly influences the quality of our partnerships.

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