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Characteristics of the Second House

The Second House is also known as the House of Possessions. This refers not only to the material things which we own, to the tangible and the physical, but to our feelings and emotions, to our inner selves, skills, needs, and wishes. The expression ‘to own up to something’ implies in fact that we the sole owners of our most important and precious possession – our self. The Second House is ruled by the planet Venus and the Sun sign Taurus.

The ability to use that which we possess, both material goods and inner values, at its full capacity is also found under the influence of the Second House. It is important how we use our possessions: they should contribute to our own well-being, but also to that of other people, thus creating a general feeling of union and community. This represents the concept of value, a key element when it comes to the Second House. What we value, why we value the respective thing, who we value, what we really own, and what we want to own – these are questions whose answers are a significant part of the Second House.

The main possession on which this House focuses is the income we earn and our ability to influence this earning power through moveable property – such as cars, clothing, and jewelry – and other investments. The other side of the coin deals with debt, balancing the equation, given that we are also the owners of the responsibility to pay off bills. Our perception of wealth, how we view money, financial issues, savings, and budgeting are all included in the realm of the Second House.

The saying which goes along the lines of ‘Money will set you free’ is a maxim that finds a home in the House of Possessions. This is due to the fact that personal freedom created by financial independence is ruled by this House. Up to a certain extent, what we do with our possessions greatly defines us as human beings. Now, the question which imposes itself is whether or not these material possessions can help us gain an important social status, friendship, recognition, and love. There is no definite answer to this question, because it all depends on how we use the things we own. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to use material goods honestly, putting them in the service of the greater good.

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